In the ten years that Tom Guiney and I worked together on substantial civil and criminal trials, I was always impressed by his thorough preparation, organization and analysis. His commitment to his clients and their causes is total. Earle C Cooley, Boston, MA

Accused and indicted of eight heinous crimes (rape, indecent assault & battery), I thought my life was over. Tom Guiney was a tireless advocate and a fierce and knowledgeable opponent. Acquitted on all eight counts, I owe the rest of my life to Tom Guiney. Norman Swerling, Wellesley Hills MA

When my fledgling company was served with, what I considered a frivolous lawsuit, I was irritated, but not concerned. I called Tom Guiney, sent him the legal documents and was immediately given a dose of reality. Tom explained how this was a serious legal matter with far reaching financial ramifications. Tom carefully took me through the entire process and pointed out the potential financial ruin that could result from a negative outcome. From that point on, Tom pursued the case with dogged determination to see that his client: me, was vindicated, not ruined. His strategies for defense were unique, even brilliant. Under Tom's pointed and often contentious questioning of the plaintiff during a deposition, the plaintiff's case crumbled. The case fell apart. All of a sudden, everybody wanted to settle. Tom was then in the drivers seat and the net result was a very favorable settlement in our behalf. Tom does not have typical attorney/client relationships, clients become part of the family. Jim Pepping, Principal, Charter Furniture Corporation, Los Angeles, CA

I have never been to war, but I do know what fighting for your liberty feels like. I went to trial to face criminal charges, that, if proven, would have resulted in my going to prison. I truly was in a battle for my freedom. When you are in a battle, you know who your friends are—because they stand with you to face the enemy’s charge. When the battle is in a court of law, you not only need friends to stand with you, you also need a general to strategize and devise the battle plan. Attorney Tom Guiney was my general. We went to war together and won! I know that I could not have done it without him. Tom spent the necessary time to guide me in my preparations. He asked me the tough questions so that I would be ready to face the prosecutor and my accuser on that difficult day. I was ready. Tom Guiney and I went to war together. We are brothers! LB, Holyoke, MA

After thirty four years of teaching and one year away from retirement, my world fell apart when a young girl in one of my classes accused me of touching her inappropriately. I was quickly introduced to the horrors of the legal system and for nine months lived with the knawing fear and uncertainty of whether I would be sent to prison for a crime I did not commit. I was introduced to Tom Guiney who became my attorney and from that day on I found hope that my innocence would be proven and I would get my life back. Tom’s quiet confidence and expertise in this area of law was evident immediately. He quickly took control, advising me, handling the media, and setting the stage for my defense. For nine months, Tom was my lifeline and friend, always available to me and leaving no stone unturned in preparing for trial. Tom is organized, methodical and diligent, throwing himself 100% into his cases. With Tom by my side, I was exonerated and now once again can plan for that much anticipated retirement. Without Tom, I doubt the outcome would have been as favorable. There aren’t words to express my gratitude to this attorney who saved my life. George Fernandes, Wareham, MA