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“Guiney” is pronounced like the words “guy” and “knee” put together (IPA: /gaɪˈni/). If you use a speech synthesizer, it may be useful for you to add the pronunciation to your custom word list.

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The following list outlines the hierarchy of the entire web site.

The primary list item contains a direct link to the content section of each page on the site.

The secondary list items contain links to the various headings used on that page.

The tertiary and subsequent list items are links to individual points of interest that fall under their respective heading or grouping. When such a point of interest is itself a link to another resource, the link presented here will be to that same resource, so as to provide direct access to it. If this resource is located at a web address other than this one, it will be denoted with the phrase “external link” in parantheses.

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Glossary of Terms

A compilation of terminology and their respective definitions, as used on this site.

Content Negotiation

This website is equipped to deliver alternate versions of its content. Each page can be accessed in either XHTML 1.1, HTML 4.01 or plain text format. Each image can be accessed in either PNG, GIF, or JPEG format. The most appropriate version is negotiated by our server and delivered to you automatically based on your browser version and content preferences. To obtain a different version, you must change your browser’s content preferences (HTTP Accept headers), or append the appropriate extension—.xhtml, .html, or .txt for documents; .png, .gif, or .jpg for images—to the file name you want to access. If no file name is specified in our links, it is usually “index.” Specifying “index” as a file name by itself without an extension will initiate content negotiation, the same as if none is is specified.

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If you have trouble using this site, please contact the webmaster.