If you are an individual accused of a crime in Massachusetts, you need to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney—do not talk to the police and do not place your fate in the hands of a court appointed lawyer or the “family lawyer” who does not specialize in criminal law! The lawyer you choose to defend you is one of the most important decisions you will ever make—so it is imperative that you choose your counsel wisely.

The outcome of criminal cases often depends upon the skill and strategy of the criminal defense attorney. Preparation and creativity are the keys to successful outcomes in criminal cases. As an experienced Boston Criminal Defense Attorney, I will navigate you through this complicated legal process.

For over 20 years I have provided expert criminal defense for hundreds of residents of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in Suffolk, Middlesex, Norfolk, Essex, Plymouth, Barnstable, Worcester and Hampden Counties.

Why Choose The Law Offices of Thomas G Guiney?

Here’s why: Accused and indicted of eight heinous crimes (rape, indecent assault & battery), I thought my life was over. Tom Guiney was a tireless advocate and a fierce and knowledgeable opponent. Acquitted on all eight counts, I owe the rest of my life to Tom Guiney. Norman Swerling, Wellesley Hills MA

I have been a criminal defense attorney in the Greater Boston Area for over 23 years. I have successfully tried cases involving rape, indecent assault & battery, assault & battery, drunk driving and many other crimes in Suffolk, Middlesex, Hampden, Plymouth and Barnstable Counties. When I am working on your case it will be the most important case in this office. You can be assured that it will be handled by me and it will be handled with skill and creativity.

If you or someone you love in Massachusetts needs the assistance of an experienced Boston Criminal Defense Attorney just say, “Get me Guiney!” and call The Law Offices of Thomas G Guiney today, or complete the contact form to schedule your initial free consultation.